• Steel frame constructions, roofing, panelling

    Manufacture and assembly for industry, retail, community and leisure use.
  • Business premises

    Design of industrial premises, retail areas, leisure buildings, warehousing units.
  • Poultry rearing units

    Commercial poultry housing for broilers and layers (eggs for human consumption or hatching), including organic and labelled products, cages, aviaries.
  • International presence

    Worldwide design of rearing units, hatcheries, feed production units and industrial plants.


Our company has built its reputation on undisputed and well-deserved recognition of its excellence. Our teams provide a full support service to our customers, from the project definition phase to commissioning the buildings. This customised support throughout the entire process ensures a successful outcome for your project.

Over the last four decades, Serupa has constructed over 10 million square metres of buildings, and has reference projects the world over.

We plan high annual levels of capital investment, which means that we remain at the cutting edge of technology and can boast some of the best skills in the business. Our corporate values are a key factor in our customers' success.