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Free-range laying House – Fienhage Aviary

EUROPA Free-range Laying House 106,20 L x 17,80 W (1,890 m²) with a 20 m² service room equipped with a Fienhage aviary (4 rows – 2 levels)
Base with insulated concrete floor beams
Metal roof structure with 4 ml spans
Cladding in insulated panels
Ceiling in 40mm-thick PIR panels
Gable ends and partition walls in 50mm-thick sandwich panels, fire rating B-s2-d0
Edges and water jets in sheet metal

Serupa story



« We’ve been working with SERUPA since we ordered our first building, back in 2011. As the leading French manufacturer of breeding buildings, we knew we could rely on their expertise, their support and their assembly teams. Above all, we were delighted by the Design Office - they were quick off the mark to design us a personalised building that was exactly what we needed. In technical terms, they offer excellent performance and ensure that the building really suited the equipment we use. This is where Serupa really shine! We were SERUPA’s very first FIENHAGE clients. Back in 2016, we built a new turnkey building which incorporated a two-level Fienhage aviary. We were impressed by the quality of the equipment, and the skills and expertise demonstrated by SERUPA. We broke all the records with our first batch, and it was thanks to the excellent technical performance of the materials used: ventilation, lighting, insulation and more. »

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