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Organic Laying House

Two EUROPA Organic Laying House 92,20 L x 17,50 W (1,613,50 m²) with 25 m² manure shed and a 250 m² service room
Base with insulated concrete floor beams
Metal roof structure with 4 ml spans. Cladding in insulated panels RAL 7006, 35µ 2 sides, PIR foam on the sides, fire rating B-s2-d0
Ceiling in 40mm-thick PIR panels
Gable ends and partition walls in 50mm-thick sandwich panels, RAL 7006, 35µ 2 sides,PIR foam on the sides, fire rating B-s2-d0
Edges and water jets in laquered sheet metal RAL 7016

Serupa story

Mr. Frédéric CHARTIER


« With their dedication, speed and more than 40 years of reliable service, you really don’t need to say much more! Since I got set up in 2011 with a Free Range building, I chose Serupa because I wanted to work with a local Breton firm. I knew I was making the right choice with SERUPA. The company listens to its customers, is renowned for its relational qualité, its commercial approach and its after-sales service. SERUPA buildings set the standard for quality - they’re robust and will stand the test of time. For my new Organic Laying House, it was only natural that I’d turn to this company once again, a company that moves with the time but remains close-knit and approachable. I’ve been proud to call myself a SERUPA client for almost a decade now. »

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