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Broiler Houses

Our durable custom-made poultry houses: Label, Standard Chickens, Turkeys are designed by our R&D department to adapt and meet the needs of our breeders. Innovative solutions and quality, reliable materials to simplify your daily life, always in harmony with the landscape.


Outdoor or free-range breeding. Outdoor building: fenced outdoor course with minimum space of 2 m2 per chicken. Building for free-range: unlimited outdoor course without fences
Maximum surface area 4000 m2 (11 chickens/m²)

Standard chickens

Raised in confinement with a tendency to evolve towards natural light. Variable fattening time.
Surface area of 1,000 to 3,000 m2 (up to 22 chickens/m²)


Raised in confinement with natural light, possibility of creating winter gardens. Surface area of 1,000 to 3,000 m2 (13 to 15 turkeys/m2 depending on breeding (medium and heavy))

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